Jun 4, 2013

Recognition of REAL Putin and of the impostor - each time by one and the same

Recognition of the REAL (1999) and *** FAKE *** (now) VLADIMIR PUTIN - End Times Reductionism
From August 1999 to 2010 Last Prophet was the only one to recognize what Vladimir Putin was: ANGELIC.

Now Last Prophet is the only one to recognize that an imposter impersonates Vladimir Putin, although any child is able to do it as well.

TRUTH in plain sight, mocking the human cattle:
Footage of real Putin being jailed before he was executed, 2010:

Feb 2015 - Poster writes:
"we need to get this picture coded for embedding, Putin looks like steel.
Last Prophet replies:
That's the REAL PUTIN.

Another poster, in denial that Putin was murdered and replaced with an impostor, writes:
"He's the same person: look at the eyes if you want to tell."
Last Prophet replies:
Correct. The eyes alone expose the impostor.
This video's cover and start is a photo of the real Putin.

And AGAIN: ultimately it's "Putin"'s deeds not his looks that expose him as a treasonous nazi agent.
Google God's angelic warriors Putin

"Putin" jails oppositor Navalny and one day later "rebellious Russian Navalny is free and a hero" = Israel's gov exchanges one israeli soldier for thousands of terrorists = "Pope" pays "billions of dollars" to "victims of pedo catholic clergy"
Fake Putin = every leader of Israel after Golda Meir 1974 & of Vatican after Pius XII 1959 = illuminati actors destroying Russia, Israel, Catholic Church.
Actor playing fake identity Barack Hussein Obama II and imposter impersonating Putin since late 2010 share more than the unprecedented situation of two fake identities as head of the USA and Russia.
They are NOW also both detonating as fake suicide bombers.

Almost all of Last Prophet's words at godlikeproductions don't survive more than a few hours or days. 

Dec 2013 - To censor the TRUTH, alias Last Prophet'sn words, the illuminati chnaged the robots.txt file of godlikeproductions, to prevent webarchive.org to display the archived version of the deleted pages.
Note the collateral damage: webarchive can no longer display any other glp pages. 

Illuminati greatest coup in the battle of Armageddon: angelic VLADIMIR PUTIN and wife killed and replaced with doubles

March 12, 2015: Impostor impersonating Putin DEPOSED: Illuminati puppets playing presidents of Asia's samallest and world's largest country jailed the same day