Apr 12, 2005

Parallel information societies in end times - since 1998, when the last trumpets echoed

1998 - when the last trumpets echoed - CNN Forums ..

One of the things that mark the begin of end times is when the signs are impossible to ignore, even to the average idiot.
One feature of the end times is what the satanists call the "global village", the internet being one of its properties.
One of the features of the internet is the possibility for  "global villagers" to express their opinions about end times, in message boards.
Just before the trumpets echoed to announce the tribulation, in October 1998, CNN represented the global news channel for the "global village".
The illuminati mass media provided some boards, that were not censored and didn't  require registration for viewing, the CNN boards represented that possibility.
John Weekly and Matt Marriott heard the echoes of the last trumpets and answered the call. Among other things they participated in the CNN boards.
One of the features marking the start of the tribulation were the first deleted messages in the CNN forums, in February 1999, as the Rambouillet conference on Kosovo opened.
Among those deleted were Matt Marriott's details about where did Serbia fit  in the satanic nuclear puzzle.
One day after Clinton was cleared, all the messages of John Weekly were deleted from the first real discussion that ever took place in the "global village", the Clinton's Impeachment board.
As the direct link to the dream of JFK for America was physically destroyed, in July 1999, Matt Marrriott's posts in CNN only survived some hours.

... and Google

As the illuminati bought altavista, it appeared that any path of any major search engine (starting with yahoo) would lead to their "information highway".
But once again God intervened - suddenly, against the odds, Google appeared. And the series of Google miracles continued, as the illuminati didn't  find the right timing and plan to buy or destroy it.

 2002 - parallel societies in mid tribulation

Long before CNN terminated the message boards, in 2002. the online illuminati media was no longer the symbol for that possibility, since truth was no longer tolerated and immediately deleted.
By then the end times trumpets were already impossible to ignore, and the parallel societies were consolidated:
  • on one hand people that decided to refuse to hear it, and sticked their heads into the official illuminati media (addiction mind control mechanisms)
  • on the other hand people that decided to hear, and looked for alternative information 
Small message boards in the internet represented the suvival of that possibility. Another sign of end times:  in 2001, the largest of these boards was  freerepublic.com, officially the largest  Bush/GOP board. In fact before, during and after 9/11 (until November 20, 2001), psy-ops in charge of mind control work for the 9/11 mass slaugher (1) coexisted with posters explaining, in not really cryptic form, that 9/11 was about to happen (2) and what had just really happened (3).

2005 - as the tribulation comes to an end - Life in the "alternative information" society

These parallel societies developed with the illuminati continuing to shape the  "alternative information". Besides assigning psy-ops (4) to those small message boards, they expanded the "alternative news" (4) sites, which the official illuminati referenced just as much, to direct people trying to move into the "alternative information" society to the "right" area.
The tasks of these "debunkers" in the illuminati payroll were:
  • to keep people waisting their time with false tracks
  • to be ready to reveal as much truth as required, as long as the core lie was swallowed by the "alternative information" villagers
It's April 2005. With the martyrdom of Theresa Maria Schindler on Holy Friday, JFK's dream for America was publicly buried and the satanists celebrate in despair.
Oh yes, Google still knows the truth that every zombie refuses to see (5). God's final judgement on earth started, and yet zombies still speculate that there will be no judgement after death. Well, it's end times, what else would you expect?


  • (1) One of the best examples, the famous message of "Howlin", CIA/NSA chief operative, five minutes after the first flames in the WTC, explaining that Bin Laden had just striked.
  • (2) May 2001: Hollywood and the Department of Justice complete the stage for Reichstag Fire: Pearl Harbor and Timothy McVeigh
  • (3) The Caspian Pipeline Hoax, 1999 to November 2001 (webarchive)
  • (4) How can you quickly test psy-ops playing debunkers? User's Guide with Examples
  • (5) Evolution Theory, the biggest and most devastating lie, the ultimate mind control weapon - from May 2000 to 2006, googling "evolution is impossible" would return as one of the first results what is now #3 in this search. Impossible to ignore and yet... 
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