Nov 20, 2008

April 4, 1968: End of the USA Milestone and ultimate End Times Information milestone about End of USA

April 4, 1968, Memphis: Martin Luther King, Jr. murdered by the Illuminati: a Milestone in the End of the USA.

April 4, 1968, Indianapolis: Robert F. Kennedy, two months before he would also be murdered by the Illuminati: the ultimate milestone (1) of End Times Information (2) about the End of the USA. (3)

(1) As of today, the CIA Wikipedia censors did not go as far as to delete these lines:
Before boarding a plane to fly to Indianapolis for one last campaign speech in a predominantly black neighborhood of the city, Robert F. Kenned learned that Martin Luther King had been shot, leading Kennedy press secretary Frank Mankiewicz to suggest that he ask the audience to pray for the King family and ask them to follow King's policy of non-violence. They did not learn that King was dead until they landed in Indianapolis.Both Mankiewicz and speechwriter Adam Walinsky drafted notes immediately before the rally for Kennedy's use, but Kennedy refused Walinsky's notes, instead using some that he had likely written on the ride over; Mankiewicz arrived after Kennedy had already begun to speak. Right before arriving at the rally the Chief of Police in Indianapolis told Kennedy that he could not provide protection and that giving the remarks would be too dangerous, but Kennedy decided to go ahead regardless. Standing on a podium mounted on flatbed truck, Kennedy spoke for just four minutes and fifty-seven seconds.

(2) 40 years later, the final leg of End Times Information

(3) Murder of Robert F. Kennedy, probably the most successful illuminati murder plot of a resister ever, and the end of the USA - FULL STORY revealed worldwide first by End Times Prophet