Oct 24, 2008

End Time Information Process, for dummies - five entities and three steps

As you would expect from the Laws of End Times Reductionism, the process representing how the masses are confronted with the HORRIBLE TRUTH (1) about their last days in Illuminatziland, involves only five entities and resumes to only three steps.

The Five Entities involved in the Process:
- Matt Marriott, the last End Times Prophet (2);
- Kyoon, the first and so far only one to echo the TRUTH (3);
- Google, the path allowing to access the TRUTH;
- the illuminati media;
- the audience, i.e. the sheeple who formally accepted the mark of the beast and now simply wait to be slaughtered.(4)

The Three Steps involved in the Process:
1. TRUTH is revealed (WHAT happened and what is going to happen; WHY it happened or will happen) by the last End Times Prophet and echoed by Kyoon. The Laws of End Times Reductionism are found at the basic layer of the TRUTH.

2. Anyone who thanks to Google has been confronted with the Truth will refuse to accept it.

3. Once the predicted TRUTH begins to unfold, there are three possible cases:
a) Illuminati media pretends that it is actually not happening;
b) Illuminati media uses the "back into the future" technique to announce it will happen at same point;
c) Illuminati media uses the "shock and awe" technique to officially announce it. (5)

(1) In terminal End Times, after the last trumpets echoed in 1998, anything but the complete TRUTH, aka FULL STORY, is a half truth, i.e. a LIE. This is also a consequence of the Laws of End Times Reductionism as well as the ten facts (+1) about God, in particular the eleventh.

(2) Matt Marriott, the VERY last of only four End Times Prophets.

(3) Web of Truth

(4) http://satanic-celebrations.blogspot.com/2006/09/mark-of-beast-how-did-post-acceptance.html

(5) Example of the third case for the third step, from today. Following the links you can easily see when did the first step in this example took place:
Cash Run begins in ... Swiss Banks, short after Begin of End Time Billions Bailouts

By the way, the next information process to be terminated with the "shock and awe" technique, has a "Messiah" and an anti-christ as main information subjects.

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