May 27, 2006

How Wikipedia handles the TWO basic layers of illuminati core lies, from Nicolaus Copernicus to 9/11

Illuminati Core Lies, End Times Reductionism...

As previously explained:
- mass usage of the internet appears in the illuminati end times timeline.
- a time line ruled by the laws of End Times Reductionism (for instance finding the answer to key questions resorts to add 1 + 1).
Layer 1 of illuminati core lies include the key concepts that the masses will immediately relate with any of of the members of the 1 + 1 sum.

... and Wikipedia

The illuminati sell Wikipedia as the pinnacle of the "information highway" and "free speech".
In fact you can use Wikipedia: to quickly check if a particular lie is part of the the illuminati core lies, i.e. the lies that can be under no circumstances questioned.
Checking the 9/11 page is enough to understand that Goebbels would be proud of Wikipedia.
What better example to see the differences between how Hitler before World War II and US & EU adminstration before the final showdown are staged?

How Wikipedia handles the TWO basic layers of illuminati core lies, from Nicolaus Copernicus to 9/11

Like anything based on the binary system, it is easy for the CIA to control Wikipedia. Techniques depend on at which layer is the information being managed.

Layer 1 - the core lie

Example: Nicolaus Copernicus

Wikipedia Solution:
No room for even pretending to stage freedom of speech: This page is "currently" protected from editing until disputes have been resolved.

Note: different situation in the illuminati media, where it's not a problem to stage this as democracy. This is done by using actors (aka CIA psy-ops, web of disinformation) playing the "conspiracy" role (example: 9/11 and Alex Jones, regularly invited to CNN & Co.)

Layer 2 - directly connected to the core lie

Example: Geocentric model

Wikipedia Solution:
Staged freedom of speech(i.e. apparently unprotected). Maximum censorship alert level, so that in fact any questioning of the illuminati core lie will be immediately deleted.
This ensures a democratic packaging for selling the message: geocentric model = "religious fundamentalists".


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