May 13, 2007

CIA Disinformation burying Information about End Times Information about Google

Disinformation about End Times Information, from May 12, 2007
On this article in "Google statement announcing polices on remembering information on searches":
".. to anonymize our server logs after 18 –24 months. We’re the only leading search company to have taken this step publicly.
We believe it’s an important part of our commitment to respect user privacy while balancing a number of important factors."

... the third comment from MattMarriott:
All these handles telling you that Google is Government controlled are in fact CIA psy-ops.

The same who buried Matt Marriott's comment above, on Google vs. the Illuminati Total Control of Information, in the last leg of Illuminati End Times, 1998-2007:

(1) Short after the first comment (you will have to click the "show comment" link at the right from the "MattMarriott" to show it, it is buried), the CIA psy-ops buried it with -16 diggs.

(2) This shows how important it is for the CIA psy-ops to bury the truth about Google, so they can continue to sell without being disturbed their disinformation, i.e. "Google is controlled by the goverment".

(3) Since is NOT controlled by the government, this also shows how easy it is for the Web of Disinformation to destroy free speech in such a site, using software platforms to count votes, also when the program that counts them is not rigged...

(4) That again is part of the terror and disinformation agenda "everything is controlled by the government".
Almost everything in Illuminatiland... but NOT everything.

(5) An illustration from the very same day, May 11: the illuminati were forced to include, in this satanic cermenony, with Barbara Bush, GW Bush and his "mother", the Queen of England, the horrible line admitting that they don't even control everything in the family of Elizabeth II, beginning with the young man it would be more important to control now.

(6) True, the illuminati control the sheep, but that is now solely because of the sheep's total brainwash, not because of illuminati enlightenment.

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