May 8, 2007

MySpace = Wikipedia = Illuminati censorship //// Blogspot = YouTube = Google = free speech

Part of the short story of the web has been the process where the Illuminati keep buying sites that successfully offered a platform for free speech or to search for information.

There was ONE exception (1), the miracle of Google (2).


(1) Historic post from 2004, about the failed illuminati attempts to control Google:
Can you imagine the internet without Google ? Where to find information if the only available search would be the filtered channels of Yahoo & Co ?
Google played a key role. It was a miracle that it has survived all the attempts to destruct the last free search engine in the internet.
Will it also survive this one ?

04/27/2004 3:36:04 PM PDT by Truth666
Ironically posted in the last official refuge (board of US government supporters) of the official 9/11 perps (US government) in the internet...

(2) Parallel information societies in end times - since 1998, when the last trumpets echoed
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