May 5, 2007

CNN 9/11 by Google - the BIG PICTURE of Global Coverage, from Vietnam to Serbia and Iraq

From before CNN to the first and the last hours of CNN global coverage, a short travel along the CNN Highway.

Vietnam - before CNN, Google and global coverage
As the napalm flames were engulfing the villages in Vietnam and exposing the flesh of the vietnamese children in the late sixties and early seventies, there were a few "MSM" outlets reporting and even documenting it.
The same the day of fate 30 April 1975, as the last helicopters desperately tried to evacutate the last US personel from the Saigon rooftops.

On air from Ronald Reagan to the end of the world
In April 1980, Turner leased satellite space from the FCC, and on June 1, 1980, the first news broadcast began.
The first CNN story, reaching an audience of 1.7 million cable subscribers, detailed the shooting of civil rights leader Vernon Jordan, which was followed by a sports segment.
This first broadcast was considered an amateur attempt at news, as a cleaning lady could be viewed in the back of the studio and an unsuspecting reporter was caught on-camera picking his nose.
It was not a good first impression, but Turner still insisted that “We will stay on air till the end of the world and then we will cover the story and sign off singing ‘Nearer My God to Thee’”.

CNN and the new information age 1991-March 1999 - the first hours of global coverage
Most people perceived the three CNN journalists reporting live from Baghdad 1991, as the first bombs fell, as the proof of a new information age, all that short after the call for a NWO by US President Bush and the birth of the Internet.
And it truly seemed to be the case, since it was the first time in History that the begin of a war was being televised.

1998 as the internet gets mass media status, it seemed natural that the two first global discussions in the internet took place in... the CNN forums, as the "Clinton impeachment" and "the Kosovo conflict". February 1999 as the posts exposing the core lies were deleted, it became clear that there would be no more global discussions on the CNN or NYT forums, or any other "MSM" forums for that matter.

CNN, Google and the new information age after March 1999 - what does Google know about the last hours of CNN global coverage
But six months later, as this time the bombs begun felling in Europe, over Belgrade's hospitals, CNN was no more reporting live. In fact after the second day no more reports from the non stop bombings which would last for another 75 days.
Some of these bombs would be used to destroy the Serbian Television Tower, killing the journalists as the news were being broadcasted.

The fact that there are no live images from CNN (or from any other "MSM" outlet for that matter) from the Iraq war, now ongoing for more then four years, is nothing but just a quantitative upscaling of the Bombings of Serbia, aside from the fact that now there are "ground operations" like in Vietnam.
As the information age process seemed to be finished, Google suddenly appeared out of the blue.

CNN, Google, 9/11 and the End of the World according to Ted Turner
But CNN still had a key role to play. It turned out that CNN became professional enough to be assigned the main role on 9/11.
As the napalm, pardon kerosine flames, engulfed the second WTC tower on 9/11. So what exactly does Google know about CNN and 9/11, almost six years later?

Hint: get the largest picture, 969 x 579 pixels, currently #4. A snapshot that visitors of these Last of Forums should know better than anyone else.


As far as the Turner quote above, ONLY one part of it is indeed a joke. No I don't mean implicitly stating to stay on air without covering it.
I mean what is explicitly stated.

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